farm work and gardening



We are always looking for people interested and/or experienced in farm work. Our farm placements are all around Iceland, on a great variety of farms.

The most common farm work involves taking care of cattle (the ones with the big brown eyes) and sheep (more greyish ); caring for the cows by milking and feeding them all year around, gathering the sheep in the fall for the shearing, helping with the birthing of the lambs in the spring and the hay-making in the summer. You are also expected to assist with the household chores.

We promise plenty of fresh air and health exercise, whether you will be working with our gentle cows, clucking hens, cute and smelly pigs or the backbone of Icelandic farming, the sheep.

Gardening work

Icelanders grow vegetables and flowers on fields and in greenhouses. Greenhouses are heated during the cold winter months with warm water from hot natural springs. Our greenhouses make it possible for us to grow vegetables year around such as cucumbers, tomatoes and paprika.

In the spring, potatoes and other root vegetables are planted and then gathered in the fall. Many farms also participate in a national programme of replacing Iceland’s forests, which was all cut down by the first settlers. Your work will include sowing, planting, watering, weeding and pruning as well as packaging the end products. 

What about the other stuff?

  • The pay is minimum 368.131 ISK per month (€2639) plus 10,17% vacation pay * before taxes. 
  • Room and board is often provided at 2669 ISK ca. 19 euros per day. In some cases a room is offered for a fair rent in a staff house, and workers buy and prepare their own meals.
  • The duration usually offered can range from 3 – 12 months.  
  • Prior work experience is very much asked for, but not always necessary. Interest in farming and/or gardening/horticulture is a must.
  • English skills B2 is a must or Skandinavian.
  • Driving licence is usually required.
  • Most job opportunities are in spring and summertime, but applications are accepted on continual basis.
  • Please note! Only EEA citizens (citizens from EU and EFTA countries and Switzerland) are eligible to apply for work through Ninukot.


Work and travel

Sara 2018

I was staying in Iceland for 11 months working on a dairy farm close to Akureyri. Thanks to Nínukot I became part of a lovely Icelandic family, got to explore the Icelandic culture and nature. Although I had no farming experience when I came to Iceland, Svanborg found a nice farm for me where they were willing to teach me everything. Besides work I also had enough time to travel the country and make new friends. It was the best time of my life!

Work and travel

Martina 2019

Now I’m already half a year in Iceland at the farm of Gunna from Guðlaugsstaðir. I’m very happy here and I had lots of fun and a good time here so far. I fell totally in love with these animals! I also learned some Icelandic already and try to talk if it’s possible. Some of the inhabitants in Blönduós think, I’m Icelandic! 😀

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