Au pair Iceland

Benefits and salary

  • Working hours are maximum 30 hours per week (6 hours per day)
  • Private bedroom and full board
  • Weekly stipend of 15.000 ISK (approx. €110 or $126 for the week)
  • Two free days each week and at least one full weekend free each month
  • One week paid vacation for six months work (total of two weeks for a 12 month stay)
  • Health, accident, liability and travel insurance (citizens from EEA and EU countries need to bring their European Health insurance card or E-104 if possible). After 6 months stay if applied for a domicile you can enter into the National Health Insurance system (you can enter into the system from the beginning if you bring valid form E-104, and you apply for a domicile).*
  • Flight cost subsidy of max. 35.000 ISK for 6 months stay with the same host family. 70.000 ISK max. for 12 months stay with the same host family
  • Welcome package, 24 hour emergency phone number and support

More information about insurances and the form E-104 will be given to applicants. You are always welcome to contact Ninukot for more information.