Work and Travel - Iceland

You wish to work in Iceland?

Ninukot offers a unique opportunity to visit Iceland and experience it as a native.

You will work and live with Icelanders in the beautiful countryside; make new friends, learn a new language and challenge yourself in a new and different environment.

Ninukot offers work in several sectors, mainly in agriculture and tourism and related fields.

The work places are located all around Iceland, mostly in the countryside but can also be in villages and towns.

Majority of our work places are owned and managed by their owners, for example a family operated farm or an owner managed hotel or a restaurant.

All placements must be confirmed before arrival.


Your job might include milking cows, helping during lambing season or gathering hay, grow vegetables in greenhouses or fields, assisting with care taking of children, and the household, and a selection of other jobs all around Iceland.


Your work might include serving lunch or dinner in restaurants, preparing breakfast, housekeeping, guiding tourists on organized tours, assisting in the hotel kitchen, as a cook or checking guests in at the reception or the camp site and much more.